The walker is one of the important tools that many mothers are keen to have for their children who have just started their first steps in walking on their feet without crawling. It helps them to improve their leg movements in general by practicing walking through them. It also reduces the chances of a collision that may hurt them significantly.

Based on the above, Grato Bambino offers the Zig Zag Zebra Walker, which has many great features that make it unique from any other walker. Hence a favorite among many mums and dads.

Outstanding design and great colors

It attracts any child to it thanks to its designs and colors that make it a beautiful toy that the child is happy to use and even repeat dozens of times, enjoying the games and shapes it offers him. Which, of course, is reflected in the improvement of his walking on his legs as a result of his extensive training, which is undoubtedly due to this product.

Completely safe when used by children

The age at which a child learns to walk is an early age in which the child may harm himself, and even some tools may cause him a lot of dangers. But hey, this is not with this walker, as it provides the child with a safe space to stand and play while inside it. Also, all its parts can absolutely not cause any harm to the child.

Practical in use

Each piece inside is fitted to make the baby move with his feet in a specific way. His step is not faltering or undisciplined. It is also light in weight so that it is easy for the mother or father to carry it from one place to another for the child to use. Its light weight also makes it easy for a child to move around with.

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