Bathing is important for infants. Nevertheless, certain tools and materials must be present to complete this process without any harm to the baby’s skin. On top of these materials and tools comes the tool that the soapy substance is rubbed with in the shower so that the body is rubbed with it.

Grato Bambino has decided to offer BABY BATH SPONGE, which has the advantages that make bathing a child a special kind of pleasure and undoubtedly achieve the greatest benefit for this child.

These features are as follows:

Baby Bath Sponge Is Easy To Clean And Does Not Accumulate Dirt And Microbes

They are designed so that the soapy material is easy to rinse off once you are done showering. Neither this substance nor the dirt that was accumulated on the body of the infant and removed by bathing him does not accumulate in it. This prevents the proliferation of microbes in it, so it does not become a source of infection for the infant, instead of cleaning it, as in many bathing tools. Which makes it the first choice for mothers to bathe babies without a doubt.

Baby Bath Sponge Makes Soap Foam

Also, when the child’s body is rubbed with it, it actually contributes to removing dirt from his sensitive skin and spreading soap foam in it as well to give him a pleasant smell. At the same time, it does not scratch the baby’s delicate skin and does not cause him to have an allergy of any kind, as happens with some types of loofah.

Other Advantages

It is represented in the ability of the mother to hold it with ease and control even while holding the child. Also, it keeps foaming for a long time. With it being completely soft on the hand of the mother who holds it just as it is soft on the skin of the baby. The mother’s hand does not cause any sensitivity or wounds of any kind.

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