Baby carriages have become a requirement of mothers nowadays in various societies. Especially with the fact that a large percentage of these mothers are working. That is, they leave their homes periodically. Hence, Grato Bambino decided to present the 2 In 1 Stroller Set to combine many features that are rarely available in any way to transport and carry the child outside the home. Below is a summary of the most important of these features. This is so that every mother or every woman who is about to become a mother of a baby hurries to buy and acquire it immediately. It is really excellent and offers you many services that will make it easier for you to move your child outside the home from one place to another without any feeling of fatigue or stress, whether from you or your child.

2 In 1 Stroller Set Your child will not fall out of it no matter how small or old

Many mothers are afraid of relying on baby strollers, as there are many accidents associated with them. Such as a child falling from it while walking, especially if it is small in size or young age. But hey, this is not with the 2 In 1 Stroller Set as it comes with a carrycot that can be used separately or with the stroller so that it ensures greater protection for the child so that they never fall out of it.

2 In 1 Stroller Set is very practical

They are light in weight, as their total weight does not exceed 15 kg. To make it easier to carry and drag. And do not be a burden to the mother with the child she is carrying. It is also very healthy and does not cause any curvatures or deformities in the child’s bones during pregnancy. That is why they are best suited for frequent use.

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