Gauze is an important first aid kit that no woman about to give birth can do without. The navel of a newborn baby needs the presence of gauze so that its wound heals and falls off quickly. As well as mothers who have children at a young age, we find them always in need. This is due to the large number of injuries these children are exposed to. Hence, Grato Bambino decided to offer mothers and fathers this type of gauze known as Absorbent Gauze roll (36 inch*50yds), which has many features that we have dedicated this content to specifically to talk about, which will undoubtedly assure customers of the strength of this product and its entitlement to their precious trust.

Absorbent Gauze roll (36 inch*50yds) made of premium material

This material is highly absorbent cotton. Thus, gauze performs its work in dressing various wounds without contaminating any place that touches the wound with blood. This gauze is also thick, and this helps it to cover the wounds well so that they do not become contaminated with microbes quickly.

Absorbent Gauze roll (36 inch*50yds) is completely safe for the body

It does not cause any allergies or infections of any kind when it comes in contact with the skin or wounds. It has no side effects of any kind.

Absorbent Gauze roll (36 inch*50yds) is odorless and colorless

This is what makes this gauze medical in the truest sense of the word. This is because it does not add to the body any repulsive odors or pollute the body with any colors that may be harmful to it. It is also very wide and thus covers the area of the injury, whatever its size, with the least amount of gauze possible. Especially with being thick as well and being highly absorbent. This means that it will stay with you for a long time and its roll will not be used up quickly.

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