Education specialists frequently advise parents alike of the need to pay attention to the development of their children’s intelligence in various ways, foremost among which is play. Games were not created just to pass the time and keep the child busy. Rather, it has a significant impact on expanding the child’s cognitive and behavioral perceptions. Which is reflected in his mental level in a positive way. It becomes smarter and more attentive. Therefore, Grato Bambino decided to offer the children a game that develops their intelligence and which they enjoy playing in an excellent way, which is Balancing Cal, which we decided to write about in this article. In order for dear readers to know everything related to it, it is easy for them to acquire and use it.

The idea of Balancing Cal

It is based on several parts that are installed on top of each other so that they remain stable and do not fall or collapse. The child learns how to adjust what has been installed at certain angles between its parts so that it maintains its condition. Which develops the intelligence of the child who plays this game.

Balancing Cal has a great design and beautiful colors

They are in the form of a worm, with beautiful colors between green, orange, yellow and blue. Which delights the child and makes him happy to own this toy.

Balancing Cal is made of safe materials

They do not harm the health of children. It is light and does not cause any injuries to the child when it collides with it.

Balancing Cal does not take up much storage space

Unlike many games, we find that the size of its parts is not very large, and hence it is easy to put it in a small space. Also, the parts of the game are not so small that they are easy to get lost or disappear.

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